Missing Zayn Malik

Oh my! the Twitter world erupted with words of sadness after Zayn Malik, 1/5 of One Direction, decided to deactivate his Twitter account. His nearly 5 Million followers (including me!) was shocked to find his account inactive. According to his last few tweets, the cutest member of One Direction blames hate for his decision to stop communicating via Twitter.

So for now, i just want to share this image i created and shared to some of his fans worldwide.



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Meet Nico Alcedera, Event Director

Hey Guys! I hope you can follow me on Twitter. I have a lot of stuff happening on my Twitter account so hope you guys can follow and be updated.

I am an Event Director from the Philippines. I do corporate, lifestyle, and fashion events.

Some of the events i handled were Converse Block Party, Nickelodeon Wishology, Nokia Nights, American Express Launch, Accenture BPOSH, and more.

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Blair Waldorf for Penshoppe

Yes! It’s official!
Leighton Meester from the hit series Gossip Girl will be the new addition to the International Endorsers of Penshoppe.

Blair Waldorf (her character on Gossip Girl) will be joining her Gossip Girl co-star Ed Westwick, Thai Superstar Mario Maurer, Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder, and High School Musical’s Zac Efron for the biggest campaign of the brand yet- The Penshoppe All Stars.

Her addition to the Penshoppe family will surely hype the brand even more since she has a huge following here in the Philippines. Plus the brand needs someone to represent the ladies, andLeighton is the perfect choice.

If you’ve been watching Gossip Girl, you are surely aware that Blair Waldorf is a huge Fashionista of the Upper East Side and her style is impeccable. Her character even reinvented the School Girl look and made headbands so hot! She has an amazing fashion sense and a true signature style.

With her Penshoppe endorsement, I’m looking forward to see some of Blair Waldorf influence on the new collection- School Girl style perhaps?  or colored leggings?

One thing is for sure- I’m super excited to see the Queen B and have a peek on her style.

She ain’t Upper East Side’s Queen B for nothing.

You know you love her!




Lola Aurelia and Lolo Luis: A Triumph of Social Media

Amidst the Facebook porn attacks and scam, a story emerged to remind us that social media will always have it’s positive side.

Here in the Philippines, a photo of an old woman searching for her husband became viral and was shared 50,000+ times on Facebook. The said picture shows the old lady sitting on the street with a picture of her husband pinned on her dress.

The picture was taken by a Facebook user named Reddie Js, who uploaded the picture for people to share and help the old woman find her husband. The user mentioned that the husband has been missing for two weeks.

After it was posted, more and more people started sharing the picture on their wall and even encouraged other users to do the same. The image caught the attention of some local news channel and it paved way for the reunion of the old couple.

After 58, 857 shares on Facebook, Lola Aurelia finally saw her husband.

Lola Aurelia’s love is unconditional and genuine. Her photo tells so much about that love and it transcends to the users of Facebook. Users became part of the quest and eventually turned into witnesses of this real love story.

Love always finds a way, indeed.

Their story is a triumph of love and of social media.