Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington

The first time i’ve heard about this movie i know it’s gonna be interesting. The title itself has a certain element that triggers you to google  it or check it out in Youtube. The trailer is glossy and watching it guarantees you of something fresh and entertaining.

This Horror-Comedy is about a young man named Remington. He used to bully gays when he was a young a boy, and it prompted a gay in the cemetery to curse him. The curse is that Remington will turn into a gay when he reaches the age of 21. And the story unfolded into a series of funny and spooky events (enough spoilers!)

The movie may be in a horror-comedy genre yet it contains a lot of messages and lessons for both gays and straights:

Accept who you are as a person. It is the only thing that can make you become proud of yourself.

Don’t let people tell you who you are. They can’t dictate the kind of person you should be.

Looks can be deceiving. Don’t let your eyes be the judge.

The society has a lot of Zombies. These are the people who doesn’t think and just conform to what they want to do. Bullies and Zombies are almost the same. Don’t let them take the best from you.

I would also love to commend Martin Escudero for making me believe that he is Remington. He is such an effective actor and it’s obvious that he worked hard to give life on Remington’s character. He is the NEXT BIG THING in the movie industry. I can’t think of any other Actor who can portray Remington other than Martin Escudero.


And to the newcomer Kerbie Zamora for being so confident in his role. They both deserve more movie projects.




Who is the Cutest? Zayn, Mario, or Tyler?

Recently, there are some good servings of cute boys on the television. That must be the reason why there’s a significant increase in the number of screaming teen girls. In UK, the group One Direction became one of the most popular group in Britain. In Asia, Mario Maurer united the regions through his smile. Even those who cannot understand Thai still watches his movie and confessed that they are fans (including me!). And move over Jacob Black, there’s a new wolf in town and he got a whole bunch of followers. Tyler Posey made a debut to the hearts of American girls via hit TV show- Teen Wolf.

Now, who do you think is the hottest? Let’s check them one by one

Thai Heartthrob- Mario Maurer


1/5 of One Direction- Zayn Malik

Teen Wolf – Tyler Posey

Tell us who you think is the cutest by posting your comments below.. I will count your answers next week and will reveal the winner of our first ever “Who is the Cutest” poll!

Pixar Announces Two New Movie Projects

Good news for Pixar fans! Our well-loved mastermind behind Cars and Toy Story will be coming up with two new films slated to be released soon!

One of the film is tentatively called “Dinosaurs” and is about the life on Earth if the dinosaurs never became extincts. The movie will be Directed by Bob Peterson (Up and Finding Nemo).

The other movie will be entitled “Brain” will allow Disney Pixar fans to unravel the mystery inside the human brain (surely they will include animal’s brain too!). The plot will showcase few characters inside the brain, who works 24/7 and basically helps our brain to function well. Hope the characters won’t be slimy though.

So there! i’m sure everyone is excited and so am I.