Missing Zayn Malik

Oh my! the Twitter world erupted with words of sadness after Zayn Malik, 1/5 of One Direction, decided to deactivate his Twitter account. His nearly 5 Million followers (including me!) was shocked to find his account inactive. According to his last few tweets, the cutest member of One Direction blames hate for his decision to stop communicating via Twitter.

So for now, i just want to share this image i created and shared to some of his fans worldwide.



You can also found this image at my Tumblr account: Click Here

Cutest Players from San Beda Red Lions

I’ll be posting pictures of the 5 cutest players from San Beda Red Lions. They are on top of their game, and the “looks department” too. They are surely the reason why the team has huge number of female followers. Lucky Boys!

In no particular order (the last one is my favorite. damn! i said it!)

Anjo Caram: Cute, Boy next door type, Matinee idol material.

David and Anthony Semerad: Coverboys, Tall and Buff, Twins

Carmelo Lim: Son of Coach Frankie Lim, Cute smile, humble and very nice.

Paolo Pontejos: Nice, Humble, Shy, Heartthrob, Certified Cutie, The Best!

So there! 5 Perfect reason to love the Red Lions even more. Go watch the next game and be sure to spot these cuties!