The Art Of Letting Go: Mariah Carey’s 11th Studio Album

The Art Of Letting Go


The title of Mariah Carey’s 11th studio album was announced recently and it will be called: The Art Of Letting Go.

I am extremely excited for this album because I am a huge fan of Mariah, plus the fact that I love her collaboration with
Miguel which will be part of the album.

My favorite Mariah album is E=MC2 and I am hoping that the new one will be as good as that. I am also hoping for
more power-ballads and midtempo tracks with less raps.

Adam Levine for Bench

Adam Levine Philippines


Adam Levine is the Newest Endorser of Bench

Maroon 5’s frontman and The Voice coach, Adam Levine, is the newest addition to the growing number of Bench International Endorsers.

Adam Levine is expected to arrive in the Philippines in time for his meet-and-greet on September 17, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center. However, he will not be part of the Bench Universe Fashion Show happening this September 14 and 15.

I would like to guess the campaign of Bench featuring Adam Levine. It will be:

Adam Levine rocks Bench

Nico Alcedera

Missing Zayn Malik

Oh my! the Twitter world erupted with words of sadness after Zayn Malik, 1/5 of One Direction, decided to deactivate his Twitter account. His nearly 5 Million followers (including me!) was shocked to find his account inactive. According to his last few tweets, the cutest member of One Direction blames hate for his decision to stop communicating via Twitter.

So for now, i just want to share this image i created and shared to some of his fans worldwide.



You can also found this image at my Tumblr account: Click Here

Justin Brewer of X Factor USA’s Brewer Boys

I love watching X Factor USA because their contestants are all amazing. Every week, contestants don’t just sing, they perform- complete with back-up singers, dancers, and fantastic production visuals. What sets the show apart from other singing contest is that it’s like watching a huge concert.

One of my favorite is The Brewer Boys. Sadly, they were eliminated right after their first live performance. I wonder how many teen girls (and gays) would vote for them if they made it to the top 12.

I actually find Justin Brewer, 1/2 of The Brewer Boys, really cute and charming. He’s the older of the Brewer Boys.  I tried to check some photos from their Facebook fan page and here’s what i saw:

 Philip Lomax and Justin Brewer

I hope to see more of them in the coming years. Their sound is unique and refreshing, and they should get a record deal.

Go Justin Brewer!

Kyla wowed Michael Bolton and David Foster

Philippines’ very own Rn’B Princess, Kyla, made Michael Bolton and David Foster a believer of her singing prowess after she performed in front of the two music icons during a private dinner.

Kyla was asked to sing in front of the guests, while David Foster played the piano.

Right after the dinner, Hayden Kho tweeted that David Foster and Michael Bolton were super impressed by Kyla’s performance. He even quoted Michael Bolton telling Kyla “You were super amazing!”

The private dinner was attended by few people including American Singer Ashanti. Some of the people behind the David Foster and Friends Manila concert were also present during the said affair.

Later that evening, Kyla also received a very important tweet coming from Brian McKnight himself. She was told that the phenomenal singer is currently writing a song for her.

Kyla once covered a Brian McKnight song- Home



Forever Young

I was checking some Youtube videos and found this music video of Sam Concepcion singing Forever Young. I love this song so much and even downloaded a few versions of it (The Jay-Z, the Original, and the others). And i remember that my favorite group, One Direction, also covered the song for X-Factor.

If you’re going to watch the video, you’ll see that Sam is cute too! He kinda have some Zayn Malik appeal on him, plus the fact that he can sing well (and dance!).

This video is a promo for his stage play “Peter Pan” where he will be dancing, singing, and flying.

So who has the better cover- One Direction or Sam?

One Direction-Forever Young

Sam- Forever Young

Share your comments!

One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful Live

One Direction is the hottest boy group in UK today. Their massive single, What Makes You Beautiful, is currently enjoying great radio airplay plus already garnered more than 6 Million views on Youtube.

They recently performed their debut single at Red or Black together with a mob of screaming girls. The recorded video started on a train, wherein number were given to various girls inside. The video continued with the 5 boys being chased by the girls from the train. The boys made their way into the studio and into the live performance of What Makes You Beautiful in front of hundreds of live audience.

 Harry Styles was out of breath during during his solo part but he still managed to pull it off!

I love this taped/live performance of One Direction. This is better than the music video.

1 + 1 Music Video of Beyonce.. Basic and Bold

Have you seen Beyonce’s newest music video for her 3rd single “1 + 1”?

The video looks simple with all those beauty shots and black background with colored beauty lights. But i love it because it was done in a very creative way. I mean no flashy costumes, props, and effects, and yet they were able to come up with a very beautiful video. Looking at the scenes, I felt like i am watching shoots from America’s Next Top Model.

And here are my favorite frames:

It looks Gemini to me. I love the floating cloth and the lighting. B looks bare on this one. Stunning!

The close-up shot of Beyonce’s eyes. Very mysterious glare, and lighting really added much to the drama.

And the flying hair frame. She’s actually holding a cloth on this one. The cloth was being blown upward with her hair. I think Beyonce’s hair has some soul. It actually acts and move with her. Amazing!

So there! and for the complete video of Beyonce’s 1 + 1 watch this: