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Justin Brewer of X Factor USA’s Brewer Boys

I love watching X Factor USA because their contestants are all amazing. Every week, contestants don’t just sing, they perform- complete with back-up singers, dancers, and fantastic production visuals. What sets the show apart from other singing contest is that it’s like watching a huge concert.

One of my favorite is The Brewer Boys. Sadly, they were eliminated right after their first live performance. I wonder how many teen girls (and gays) would vote for them if they made it to the top 12.

I actually find Justin Brewer, 1/2 of The Brewer Boys, really cute and charming. He’s the older of the Brewer Boys.  I tried to check some photos from their Facebook fan page and here’s what i saw:

 Philip Lomax and Justin Brewer

I hope to see more of them in the coming years. Their sound is unique and refreshing, and they should get a record deal.

Go Justin Brewer!

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