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Back to September

I can still remember the time when i first heard the news about the fall of the World Trade Center in New York. It was morning and I am heading to school when the news broke out. I know that I am hundreds of miles away from the Twin Tower yet i can still feel the gloomy day brought by that series of attacks. It’s as if liberty and peace is on the verge of dying.

On that very day, i realized that the world is indeed small and that we are all connected one way or another. I may not be an American yet i can feel the sorrow and pain that they are going through by that very moment. I can smell the tears and fears, and see the lives of people, slowly fading and joining the ashes of the fallen towers.

The September 11 attack is one of the most horrifying event that ever happened to America and the world. It was the time when trust and peace had been questioned. The moment when we felt the terror and yet still have the urge to fight back.

That very day may have brought tears to everyone, but it also strengthen our faith to the Creator and allowed us to embrace peace even more.

Today, in memory of 9/11, i would like to share some moving photos that will remind us not of terror, but of hope.

We Will Never Forget


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