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1 + 1 Music Video of Beyonce.. Basic and Bold

Have you seen Beyonce’s newest music video for her 3rd single “1 + 1”?

The video looks simple with all those beauty shots and black background with colored beauty lights. But i love it because it was done in a very creative way. I mean no flashy costumes, props, and effects, and yet they were able to come up with a very beautiful video. Looking at the scenes, I felt like i am watching shoots from America’s Next Top Model.

And here are my favorite frames:

It looks Gemini to me. I love the floating cloth and the lighting. B looks bare on this one. Stunning!

The close-up shot of Beyonce’s eyes. Very mysterious glare, and lighting really added much to the drama.

And the flying hair frame. She’s actually holding a cloth on this one. The cloth was being blown upward with her hair. I think Beyonce’s hair has some soul. It actually acts and move with her. Amazing!

So there! and for the complete video of Beyonce’s 1 + 1 watch this:

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