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Planking, Owling, Horsemaning, Batting, Leisure Dive, and Buoying?!

It’s official! the world is now totally crazy!

Have you heard of these “odd” and a little “crazy” stuff that has been getting the attention of everyone? I assume you’ve heard of Planking, but there are more new stuff to compete with it.

The Famous PLANKING: A lying down activity (lying face down) in an unusual or incongruous location.

I’ve seen a lot of Planking photos but if it has to be incongruous, then someone must plank in a septic tank or a garbage truck. I haven’t seen one yet!

An there’s this animal-inspired OWLING.

Owling is a picture taken of someone crouching like an OWL, and like Planking, in an unusual place. Other Owlers (people who do Owling) also “hoots” while doing Owling. I suggest someone come up with an Owling picture on top of a toilet bowl. That would be nasty!

And there comes HORSEMANING, considered as the next level of planking.

Horsemaning is a picture showing “fake beheading”. It may look gruesome but i find it more creative and artistic than Planking. This photo fad actually started during 1920’s and was revived by a group of people after planking became famous. The name Horsemaning must be a reference from Sleepy Hollows “Headless Horseman”.

BATTING or Doing-The-Bat is a new photo fad that is slowly gaining some followers.

Batting, based from its name, is doing the bat position which is upside down. Legs must be bend, hang on something stable, put your hands on your hips, and shoot! I dunno if the sunglasses are necessary for Batting, but it does add some flair! Suggestion: Batters should also wear capes and fake fangs!

This is actually my favorite- LEISURE DIVE!

Leisure dive is a craze showing people in crazy and wacky poses in mid-air before they hit the water. I love this fad because i find it really funny and original. You have to prepare yourself and come up with the perfect pose before hitting the water and the camera button. It’s not easy unlike Planking, Owling, or Batting.

For Leisure Divers, the best pose would be something that shows relaxation, leisure, and fun. Plus, you can also use props and be creative as you can for your leisure dive photos.


And since everyone is making their own little craze, i decided to come up with mine too! and i would like to call it BUOYING!

Buoying, since every craze claims this, is the fad that will end Planking. The next level of all levels!

How to do it? Just jump a little. Make sure that you are not moving too much, and shoot!

You must look floating on the picture.. that’s it!




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