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Zayn Malik of One Direction


I am pretty sure that only a handful of Filipinos knows One Direction. Just to give a quick info, One Direction is a boy group from UK, they used to compete in the UK X-Factor, and they are being managed by Uncle Simon (Cowell).

These boys are really cute, adorable, and they are all good singers. I have a favorite member and his name is Zayn Malik.

I think Zayn is half- middle eastern. I’m not sure but his cousins (check twitter) are, so maybe he is.

What I love about Zayn is his mysterious glances, his shy-type character, and fierce attitude. Plus the fact that he can really sing R&B well. I think he has the most star-appeal in the group.

More pictures!


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42 responses to “Zayn Malik of One Direction

  1. he is soo cute i need his number is any one can give me

  2. Shaiane ⋅

    I love this boy , he is my favorite member too , i’m from Brasil , and i Know these boys , Zayn is the member more bealtiful , of the one direction , congratulations for the this blog !


  3. nej ⋅

    hes hot hot hot 🙂

  4. alsha saira khan ⋅

    ffffffiiiiiiittttyyyy xxxxxx
    my hubby all da wayyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    love u loads xxxx

  5. jessica ⋅

    Sexy thiing ❤ x

  6. dilara ⋅

    oh god , sexiness ❤

  7. manny ⋅

    Anglo Indian…

  8. lily

    this boy is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot i love hem i want his number

  9. nunnadonnia ⋅

    he’s so cute,,i like the face……………

  10. yzabel ⋅

    his so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lynchee ⋅

    i love you zayn..forever… muahhhh
    you really rock my world… ❤ Zayniac 4ever…

  12. stirfrycheese ⋅


  13. laila

    love this boy , he is my favorite member too , i’m from morocco , and dont Know these boys , Zayn is the member more bealtiful ,

  14. geneva-noreen ⋅

    i love you zayn!!!!!
    you’re so cool!!

  15. thina ⋅

    he’s so cute.,

  16. maddy ⋅

    u guys are crazy. but right

  17. micha

    ur my idol because ur a great singer

  18. micha

    ur perfect boys for me

  19. I really love u Zayn…..ur so sweet,ur so cute,ur so haNDSOME AND THE BEST OF ALL! all of u are all amazinq
    we would like to nominate One Direction as the most Handsome teens ever!

  20. creermhai

    he is so handsome 🙂

  21. Bouuriquet :D ⋅

    Zaynn , The best ! ♥ LO0VEEEEEE ♥♥

  22. yume ⋅

    ❤ yu so much

  23. jeffrey

    its so cute and handsome????

  24. jeffrey

    i love u??as my friend??/

  25. Itzel ⋅

    Es un lindo …y guapo….

  26. UR BEAUTIFUL!! ⋅

    HES MY MAN!!!!! ❤

  27. leidys tatina ⋅

    que papasito es este pelaoooo me lo comeria a besos…………?

  28. ZAYN MALIK is hot! i really love him! 🙂

  29. kaylee paredes ⋅

    he is so hot

  30. you are only the cute and handsome boy in the world then justin and love you…….from bhutan

  31. mia galvez ⋅

    why does he have to be so hot i have one direction infection muy caliente!!!!!!!!!! i love you harry styles zayn malik louis tomlinson liam payne niall horan!!!! love u guys!!!!!

  32. aline

    fico em duvida sobre zayn malik e justin bieber

  33. I see him as a brother Zayn malik, and every time I see them a little more artıyo desire to be an artist one I’m going to high school, and they want to be artists, such as design utilizes owner wishes to

  34. OMG! he’s so adorable. he’s so cute. i like him very much.

  35. OMG! he’s so nice and adorable. he’s so cute also. i really like him. love you zayn.

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