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Wanted: Troll Dolls

I used to have lots of Troll Dolls when i was a kid.

Mom would always buy me one at Gift Gate, and i remember having different kinds of those.

I wanna collect Troll Dolls again but i don’t know where to buy it (here or abroad).

The store that used to sell them stopped carrying the product. I hope i can still get my hand on those cute lil Trolls.

BTW, i was browsing for some Troll pics and i happen to see this picture (see below). I used to have the Pink-haired troll when i was a kid. I just found out that they are actually Alien Trolls.

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5 responses to “Wanted: Troll Dolls

  1. Nancy ⋅

    Hi – I inherited a huge collection of Troll Dolls. Some are very early with handmade felt clothes. There are probably 400 total. Some are large packaged Wishniks. Some are Dam and others I am not quite sure. I would love to sell them all. Please e-mail if you are interested. I am in California.

  2. Elaine ⋅

    have you looked on ebay?

  3. Shy

    I have about 400 trolls, all kinds/ sizes! Wanna buy some?

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